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Stefanie's Hero

Stefanie's Hero

Here’s an example of a My Heroes profile that Stefanie created for her grandmother. Meet Stefanie and find out about all the cool things you can do on MyBatMitzvahStory.org!
Diane Emily Weinstock


Where she was born: 

Philadelphia, PA

Where she lives now: 

Brooklyn, New York

Who she is: 

Grandma Di grew up in Philadelphia with two brothers and three sisters. Her parents came from Russia and mostly spoke Yiddish. She and her two best friends (Bonnie and Mary) would go on picnics in the park on the weekends. Grandma Di worked very hard in school, and she liked English and chemistry the best. Grandma Di was the first person in our family to go to college.

What she does: 

Grandma Di got her Masters in English and wanted to become a writer. When she was 21, she married my Grandpa Max and moved to New York City. For many years, Grandma Di was a kindergarten teacher. Bit by bit, she wrote a book, which was finally published when she was 45. Now Grandma Di writes and teaches writing. She and Grandpa Max also travel a lot. Her favorite place she has visited is India.

Why she's cool: 

Even though most of the girls she knew didn’t go to college, my Grandma believed it was important to get as much education as she could. She loves learning and worked hard as a student and a teacher. Grandma Di is very funny and kind. She knows how to say hello in lots of different languages, and she always has stories to tell me about the places she has visited.

About being Jewish: 

Grandma Di thinks that the most important thing about being Jewish is taking care of others. Each month she volunteers at a food pantry as a way to help people who are less fortunate than she is. She likes to bake challah from a recipe that her mother taught her, and now she is teaching it to me so that our family will always have someone who knows the secret recipe.