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Choose a “Narrator”:

In a book, the person who tells the story is called the “narrator.” In an oral history, the person you interview is also called the narrator because he or she is the one telling the story.

Deciding whom to interview starts with thinking about what you want to know. Ask yourself: Which person do I want to learn more about? Perhaps it is your mother, grandmother, or another family member who is the keeper of family memories, stories, and traditions. Maybe it’s your coach or piano teacher, or your friend’s mom. Or it may be someone who is a role model for you or who has had a major impact on your community. The person you choose to interview for this project does not have to be Jewish or a woman. Many different kinds of people play an important role in shaping the young Jewish woman that you are becoming.

Part of what’s fun and memorable about oral history is making a connection with another person, and usually that’s easiest to do face-to-face. When that’s not possible, technology gives us other options, like phone, email, and video. Figure out what you think will work best for you and your narrator.

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