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Do you wonder if your grandmother remembers her first date?
Have you asked your coach about the hardest game she ever played?
Are you curious about what your tutor remembers from her bat mitzvah?

These are the kinds of questions that oral history interviews can help you answer. When you interview a friend, relative, or community member, you'll hear stories like never before!

What is Oral History?

Conducting an oral history interview is like listening to a choose-your-own adventure story about someone else’s life. Every person you know has a unique story to tell, and you probably won’t ever get to hear it—unless you ask. Oral history lets you ask questions to get the information you think is most interesting.

Oral history also reminds us that famous people aren’t the only ones whose stories matter—every person is part of history. And when you interview someone whose story is not already well-known or documented in a public place (like in the newspaper or on TV), you are doing the important work of contributing to history.

Create an Oral History: Click on the links below for instructions on how to create an oral history.