Who she is: 

Judith‘s interest in food and sustainability began when she lived for a year on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. She noticed that fresh fruits and vegetables would often rot in the fields before people could harvest them. At the same time, she observed people in grocery stores buying the same kinds of foods, only grown thousands of miles away.

Judith knew there must be better ways to produce and eat food that is healthy for both people and the environment. Through her studies and work, she searches for creative ways to solve the environmental problems that come with growing and buying food.

What she does: 

Judith oversees Hazon’s popular annual Food Conference, supervises the Hazon blog The Jew & the Carrot, and runs the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. CSAs let members buy their food directly from the farmers that grow it, instead of from the store. In addition to focusing on how food is grown, Judith helps people think about how we eat our food and encourages families to eat more meals together at home.

Why she's cool: 

Everyone needs to eat. Judith works to show people healthy options that are delicious and good for the environment. By connecting people to farmers and farms, Judith teaches people how important it is to know where your food comes from.

About being Jewish: 

"Jewish tradition teaches us two important values—shmirat ha’guf (care for one's body) and shomrei adamah (guardians of the earth)," explains Judith." Practicing shmirat ha’guf means remembering that the human body is a gift and we should take care of it by eating healthy and exercising. As guardians or caretakers of the earth, we have a responsibility to ensure the land is healthy for future generations."