Who she is: 

Galeet Dardashti has proven that there is much more to Jewish music than Fiddler on the Roof. As a young girl and teenager, the accomplished Persian Jewish singer toured the United States and Canada with her family’s musical group. Today, Galeet has branched out on her own but continues in her family’s footsteps, combining the rich musical tradition of Iran with Jewish themes.

What she does: 

Like her father, Galeet worked as a cantor. She writes and performs her own music. In addition to her solo work, Galeet heads the all-women Mizrahi band “Divahn,” which blends traditional Middle Eastern music with modern style. Beyond the performing arts, Galeet also has a Ph.D. in anthropology and has written on culture, politics, and music in Israel.

Why she's cool: 

Galeet’s latest solo project, The Naming, features beautiful Middle Eastern melodies and women’s stories. Her songs, which she sings in Hebrew, Aramaic, Persian, and Arabic, interweave the stories of women from the bible (like Sarah and Dinah) and from Galeet’s Persian Jewish family with the experiences other Middle Eastern women struggling for equality.